You can change the world. We're here to help.

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We get it: Change and growth can be difficult.
Collaboration can be exasperating.

Don't go it alone. For 25 years,
Face to Face Strategies has made the process of coming together to change the world easier for individuals and organizations.


Meeting Facilitation

We facilitate strategic planning, community meetings, retreats, conferences, focus groups, environmental scans, expert panels, and innovation sessions


Capacity Building

We improve individual skills and emotional intelligence through skill-building, leadership development, coaching, and tools like Myers-Briggs and DiSC.  We help convene multi-sector partnerships, and promote collaboration for new teams, and teams in transition or crisis


Organizational Change

We support change by modernizing systems, creating knowledge sharing tools, logic models and theories of change, process maps and strategy maps 


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We believe in inspiration

Imagination and creativity can overcome the toughest challenges. Given the opportunity, people find the inspired ideas and startling solutions they need to move ahead.

We believe in
the future

When people come together for a passionate cause, they can do anything. Open a space for every voice to be heard, and you unleash the power we all possess.

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We go with
the flow

By tracking where energy and emotions ebb and flow, we discover what matters to people...which helps guide our work and catalyze change

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We believe
in paradox

Sometimes, slowing down lets people go faster. Investing energy can leave us energized. And we can change the future by focusing on the here and now.